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allen 08-16-2004 11:38 PM

Lets see some pictures
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Lets see some pictures of everyones setup. Here is my console that I've been working on all summer.


daniels 08-17-2004 01:27 AM

Great Job Allen!!! :cool:
That Console looks great. Just one question. What's that thingie between the 1200's??? Is it a shaver or a telephone? ;)


allen 08-17-2004 07:44 AM

Its the for the motor
Thanks. The thing between the tables is for the linear actuator that adjust the angle.


djrobertchristofer 08-17-2004 07:59 PM

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Here's mine. Not as cool as allen's (*makes envious look), but it gets the job done - and it only cost like $30 to make hehehe....

So allen, how did you get the console to adjust? Was it a lot of work making it? Was it expensive?


allen 08-17-2004 09:27 PM

It's not that hard
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It's not hard at all to make a motorized console. It just requires more attention to braceing and allowing for the movment. The front angle part is hinged and is moved using a linear actuator that i got off ebay for $70 shipped. I think the acutator is intended for a bed. It inclued the remote and no special wireing was requred. The total cost was under 300 including the ectra piece of laminate that i had to buy cause i messed up onece. About 50 for the wood, 70 for the motor and around 150 for the 2 sheets of black laminate with all the gule, trimmer, and routher bit. Here is another pic of the underside.

jnkarrik 08-17-2004 11:28 PM

Good looking console! I hope to have mine designed and completed in a few months, so I'll post pictures then. Couple of questions if you don't mind.

First, was the actuator designed to mount on a pivot, and did that hardware come with it, or did you have to improvise? I've looked for actuators before at suppliers like McMaster-Carr, but never really had that question answered.

Secondly, do most actuators come with adjustable limit switches, or do you have to design the geometry of the hinged part to accomodate whatever the throw is?

Finally, what is a reasonable throw rate and load rating for this kind of application. i.e. How fast is yours and is it just right, or too fast/slow?


allen 08-18-2004 12:05 AM

Linear actuator
I got mine off ebay. There is the exact same one up now from the same guy. Its a 10 in stroke which the way i mounted mine goes form slightly more than 45 deg to level. I could adjust the mounting point to get more angle if i wanted. The actuator i got is just right. It has built in limit switces at the ends so it stops at full extention and retraction automatically. I can also stop it any where inbetween. It moves nice and slow so getting it to the desired angle is no problem. At the ends it has holes for a pin or bolt. I had to make my own hardware but that wasn't hard at all. Mounting it is straight forward. On one end you can see i used 2 L brackets and at the other i used a staight bar. I drilled the holes out some to accomate the larger bolt. And on the L's i cut the some with a hack saw so at full retraction it didn't interfear with the body of the actuator. I looked at grainger and mcmaster car at first but found for the price I got alot more with the one off ebay, and i also like it comes with all you need. Just add bateries for the remote and plug it in. Check out this link.
http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...3856 776&rd=1


jnkarrik 08-18-2004 12:11 AM

Sold!! Thanks for the link. Jeez, talk about heavy duty...6000 Newtons is like 12000 Lbs.

allen 08-18-2004 12:16 AM

Yeah its got alot of power when i first set up my console the rack i had under it was too hight beasause i had it on wheels. When i frist lowered the front angel it contacted the rack and lifted my entire console no problem. You definatly have to be careful to rout the wires where they can't get pinched becase the actuator has no problem when something gets in its way.


mynameismatt 08-18-2004 03:53 AM


Looks NICE!!

What is on the top left of the rack? They look they VU meters.


daniels 08-18-2004 05:13 PM

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Ok guys, my turn :D
Not as tidy and great looking as the other guys' custom made units, but still gets the job done...
The mixer hooked up in this picture is the A&H Xone:62 and the other mixers in the picture are a Formula Sound PM90 and a Formula Sound System 2000.


allen 08-18-2004 05:45 PM

the are vu's
Yes i have 2 symetrix vu's in my consloe.


daniels 08-19-2004 02:23 PM

Re: the are vu's

Originally posted by allen
Yes i have 2 symetrix vu's in my consloe.


Hey Allen

How are these vu's hooked up to your stuff, in other words what are you metering? Main out, rec out, from the crossover or any other output?


allen 08-19-2004 08:00 PM

Here is how
Daniel, that is an awsome record collection, and those mixers look cool. Not quite up to that many records yet but alwasy wooking at it. I have the vu's hooked up after my crossover to monitor the levels. I have one on my full out and one on the tweeter out of my crossover, each just Y'ed into the signal. I don't have one on subs becuase i don't run a sub. My room is small and I am happy with the the sound so far with out a sub but will probally add one some day. Any more questoins let me know.


mortenfresh 08-20-2004 02:42 PM

Well, here is my setup as it looked 6 month ago. I changed the Pioneer since then and now have a Vestax Isolator instead.

I think I might be the only one in Denmark who has a Bozak mixer. Rotary mixers definately doesn't come by the pound in europe. I got my first Bozak thanks to all the talk about them in this very fine board. I just had to try it out, and I must say that I really like it alot. The first bozak I got of ebay, and it didn't have any phono preamps. So I later bought another one and had it shipped straight to Mario for a complete refurbishing. And it's even better than the first one. Obviously. :-)

allen 08-20-2004 06:39 PM

Mortenfresh, nice to see bozaks from arround the world. Cool setup. What do your friends think of it when they stop by.


daniels 08-20-2004 07:13 PM

Re: Here is how

Originally posted by allen
Daniel, that is an awsome record collection, and those mixers look cool. Not quite up to that many records yet but alwasy wooking at it.

Thanks for the compliment Allen, my collection consists of a little over 4000 records and the it is still growing. As a little tip for other vinyl junkies; The shelves I store my records in are "Bonde" from Ikea. These are great for storing vinyl, since they are very stable and the size of the compartments are just perfect for 12" vinyl.

Morten, your setup looks awesome as well. I'm pretty sure you're one of a lucky few in Europe to have a Bozak. What happened to your first Bozak then, do you still have it or did you sell it?


mynameismatt 08-20-2004 08:03 PM

Here's mine, nothing fancy:

djmariog 08-20-2004 09:49 PM


I ordered 3 acutator's came the next day, quick shipping.
Lets get to work Allen, come over the shop ready to build mine going to put a night club in the new home I building.

clubman5 08-20-2004 10:08 PM

Re: acutator

Originally posted by djmariog

I ordered 3 acutator's came the next day, quick shipping.
Lets get to work Allen, come over the shop ready to build mine going to put a night club in the new home I building.

Hey Mario, what will you call this club in your home? The " G " Spot?

allen 08-20-2004 10:37 PM

lets do it

I'll give you a call tommrow. It looks like rain, so I might get the day off.


djmariog 08-21-2004 07:32 AM

Re: lets do it

I like it THE G SPOT ,

Allen call me

mortenfresh 08-21-2004 11:25 AM


Most of my frinds thought I was more or less crazy to buy an old antique mixer like this but as soon as i had it hooked up and they could actually hear the difference they were all quite amazed. As I mentioned earlier rotary mixer was never the big thing over here, so people had to get used to not using regular faders. Actually a friend of mine from Berlin asked me if he could use my setup to prepare his set for the evening, and was very surprised by how much control he had on a rotary. :-)


My first Bozak got sold on ebay. I got currious about the Urei so I bought one to try it out as well.

mattu 08-21-2004 11:44 AM

Did you build that console yourself? And if so, do you have the plans for it? Looks wicked, I've been thinking of building a proper one myself.

Also, does that poster really say "The Gay Park"? :D

soundmanshorty 08-21-2004 12:44 PM

Check out
the pics in the picture section on my site at www.systemsbyshorty.com

I have all the gear labeled aswell so you see exactly what im using in my home system.

allen 08-21-2004 01:58 PM

Shorty's pics
I should thank you. I have looked at your pics on your site many times, and the pics on GSA's to get an idea of how to lay out my console. You have some great pictures, and the specs you give as well gave me a great idea of how I wanted to do mine.


root 08-23-2004 07:56 AM


Do you have more information on your Formula Sound System 2000?

It seems very unique, and I haven't found a single article on it.

I have the PM-90 with full 8 modules. However I am thinking of replacing it with a rotary mixer in the near future.



mortenfresh 08-23-2004 08:37 AM


I did in fact build the concole myself. It was actually pretty straight forward. It probably wouldn't work in a real club but it works just nice in my living room. :-) I'm pretty shure I have the plans somewhere. If you a copy of them let me know.

About the sign. It doesn't say "The Gay Park". But I guess you knew that already. :-) It's an old enamel sign for a company that produces wooden floors. Now if you could have seen the name of the company as well, I'm sure it would have made for even more laughs. The company is called "Junkers". :-)

daniels 08-23-2004 02:25 PM

1 Attachment(s)

The Formula Sound System 2000 was not really a best seller, so they didn't make that many. It all might have had something to do with the fact it was pretty expensive. If memory serves me right it was in production between 1988 and 1999.

Like all high end Formula Sound Mixers it's a modular construction with three types of modules; master, mono and stereo. Input modules have a 100mm fader and three band fixed freq. eq for stereo modules and three band with sweepable mid for mono modules. Available chassis where available for 8,12 and 16 input modules, of which the 8 was 19" inch wide. The layout and functionallity is somewhere inbetween a dj mixer and a broadcast console. I guess Formula Sound was also selling this mixer to post production and radio studios. A rather hefty power supply provided +-18V for audio circuits and 6V for status lights. The last year it retailed for 225 per input module, 875 for an 8 input chassi with master module and 299 for the PSU.

More info can be found at: http://web.archive.org/web/199902021....com/home.html


root 08-23-2004 03:18 PM

Thanks a lot for the information Daniels!

I have been quite obsessed with the brand for years.

The club where I got to spin twice had a PM-90 during my first gig, and years later they had switched to Rane which I liked also. (I bit more actually) One of the owners claimed that the PM-80/90 are superior in sound compared to Rane.

I am currently working on a console/table of my own.


daniels 08-23-2004 03:56 PM


Originally posted by root
Thanks a lot for the information Daniels!

I have been quite obsessed with the brand for years.

You're not the only one :D That's why I have both a PM90 and a 2000.
After all, they are really great mixers, both when it comes to handling and sound quality.
To make my collection complete I'd like to have a PM80 as well, but that has got to wait 'til I get a bigger place to live. ;)


jingo420 08-27-2004 10:54 PM

qustion for allen
Hey man, great looking set-up. I'm in the beginning stages of getting mine together, currently have it suspeded from the ceiling although my set up was born out of necessity since I have the springiest floors in creation, I thinks i'm ready for a change.

Had a question on construction.
How did you mount the motor of the actuator and the power supply to the base? Is it braced? I know it's 2 parts???

BTW, was at Mario's last week and picket up a Bozak from him, so now you know it needs the proper home, and your set up looks like it just might be the inspiration.


jingo420 08-27-2004 10:57 PM

Allen set up
Great looking deck man.

Got a question...

How did you mount the actuator and the power supply to the frame. Isn't it 2 pieces? Was it braced? Hard to tell from the photo.

Let me know.



allen 08-28-2004 07:57 AM

I went over the mounting in another post. I used standard hardware that i modified slightly with biger holes for the bolts. I will try to post some better pics later today or tommrow. The power supply and actuator are 2 parts but, the actuator has a spot on the side where the power supply mounts. No additional hardware is required to mount the power supply to the actuator. I did brace the console alot. Bracing is important weather or not the console is motorized or not. It helps to keep it square, and solid.


jingo420 08-28-2004 11:02 PM

thanks, i obviously have not got to that part yet. i'll keep an eye out on the new pics.


allen 08-30-2004 05:39 PM

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Here are the pics of the mounts. One end is 2 corner brckets that i cut with a hack saw and drilled out the holes for a larger bolt. On the other its just one of those bars that you can use to renforce something with one hole drilled out bigger for the bolt and some washers. I got them at home depot but have also seen them in every hardware store i've been in.


johnpuga1982 09-01-2004 09:32 PM

Atten: mortenfresh

Where did you get that counsle? I want one.

johnpuga1982 09-01-2004 09:39 PM

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Heres mine. Picture is a bit weak. I took it with my phone.

allen 09-01-2004 09:42 PM

nice pic
Nice pic,cool setup not bad for a phone.

RETRODISKO 09-02-2004 04:22 AM

me and some pic i have here

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