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SBS Designs 11-08-2014 04:50 PM

SBS Designs ISO-Q2 makes the HITS of AES 2014 Los Angeles
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The Iconic George Petersen former editor of Mix Magazine & Now editor of Front of House Magazine, names the ISO-Q2 in the HITS of AES for 2014 in Los Angeles with the likes of SSL & More great products.


George stops by the MV Pro Audio booth # 1557 at AES Los Angeles and checks out SBS Designs, shown giving Thumbs up to SBS Designs with Multiple Grammy engineer Francis Buckley on the right in the last picture attachment in this link at www.sbsdesigns.com.

George Petersen on the ISO-Q2

Besides all this test and interface gear you gotta have some fun along the way, and the ISO-Q2 from SBS Designs (www.sbsdesigns.com) is all that. A very analog (100 kHz bandwidth), single rack unit, the ISO-Q2 is a deceptively simple 3-band isolator/3-band program equalizer with sweepable LF/HF bands and up to 15 dB of boost in its bass, mid and high bands. It can be used as an effects loop insert or inline after the main L/R out of any console, but itís fast and easy to use. The sound is sweet and smooth, but unfortunately, the ISO-Q2 also addicting ó once you use it, you probably wonít ever want to take it out of your house feed. Donít say I didnít warn you!

The SBS Designs ISO-Q2 quote taken from the last paragraph,

FOH Online Entire article:



Product Hits of AES 2014
Written by George Petersen
Tuesday, 28 October 2014 12:24

SBS Designs is Distributed & Represented by MV Pro Audio in North America, Canada & Parts of Latin America


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