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BradKatz 08-19-2012 03:44 PM


I just heard a small demo and am pretty sold on their ribbon tweeter's. I've never had a thing for ribbons before but now i can't wait to work with some of this stuff.
FYI it was with their new amp/processing that's not on the website yet. Supposedly it was built to compliment the ribbon tech.

My short review is for the VR8:
-open and very true to source. No high-end distortion even at high level's.
Extremely wide stereo image (sound's wider than actual)
Studio monitor sound with no fatigue and made me just want to listen to tracks all day. Dispersion remains VERY even throughout.
Amazing stuff and I can't wait to use it.

It will definitely be considered for my next high-end project and I might be doing a "demo" party if I can find the right space.

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