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pbellsound 06-23-2013 07:54 PM

Allen & Heath sold!

shihp001 06-23-2013 08:38 PM

I wonder how the future of A&H is from this point on!

1620_nz 06-23-2013 11:53 PM

Hopefully the V6 is brought back.

pbellsound 06-24-2013 12:01 AM

I predict they'll pull out of the DJ market entirely. Pioneer has taken pretty much the entire market and A&H wanted to concentrate on the live sound install & touring market.

1620_nz 06-24-2013 01:23 AM

there goes my dreams of owning a V6 then.

Estacy 06-24-2013 06:23 AM

the DJ mixer market has dried up, Ecler stopped their R&D and I predict A&H will continue selling their current DJ mixers, slowly phasing out the old models (62, 464 and the 92 and 42 later). I can imagine the Xone 22 is still selling quite well.

DSA.audio 06-24-2013 02:11 PM

....controllers.... and software seem to be the focus of the day....

my focus of the moment is room layout/acoustics...
just moved to a new pad with a "better" (read: larger)
dedicated space, and need to work things out....

although there is another project being currently worked that
I will share some pics of when it's completed...

misterharrison 06-24-2013 04:29 PM

"The ability to invest across the capital structure, in this case funding both the equity and debt instruments, is a great example of Electra's flexible investment mandate being put to work to ensure a swift completion for the vendor and a straightforward structure for the business to capitalise on both organic and acquisitive growth opportunities."

Mind boggling.

I'm so glad I don't work in business...

Estacy 06-25-2013 08:33 AM

Its short for: we have money so A&H can grow

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