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Re: PLEASE READ: Some additional rules and regulations

Originally posted by forumadmin
It has come to our attention that a few sour apples on this board may be tempted to post using multiple logins in order to air their personal views anonymously. (It is trivial for us to find out who they are, as all IP addresses are logged. Repeated attempts will result in permanent banning all ALL of their accounts)

Thanks for your understanding.

Forum Admin

I would have never believed it

aren't some computers set up to change IPs frequently, like on each log in?

seems as if this is not an isolated problem, taken from the lansing heritage site... kind of a different context, but I think teh best way to deal with the issue is in there...

" Today, 11:49 AM Steve Schell Senior Member
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There are seemingly endless trolls of every description on the stock investing message boards such as Yahoo. Some are disgruntled former employees or investors in the targeted company, some are short sellers who attempt to scare weak investors out of the stock, some just crave attention, negative or otherwise due to various dysfunctions. Any replies to their messages only encourages their further participation. The only method that seems to work on unmoderated boards is an outright shun, where other board participants agree to refrain from replying to them or referring to them in any way. After a while, and a few more attempts at enraging the board, they often move on to greener pastures.
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