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Yesterday we had the

Originally Posted by soundmanshorty
of having 2 music icons at System to check out the Slammer and SystemNy Jellybean Benitez & David Morales..

They came by to hear and play on the Slammer to break her in, these guys have a crazy schedule but wanted to check it out, so they came down for about 3 or 4 hours and just jammed out playing anything and everything,, the system left an amazing impression on the both of them, and they commented multiple times on there facebook and Twitter pages..

Pleasure of Having David Depino, Joey LLanos, Spinna and Jellybean at System to check out the Slammer, Joey had some nice things to say on his facebook page''

Joey Llanos
Just heard Shorty's "SYSYTEM" Tight, articulate, a room to be reckoned with in New York City. Congrats Shorty SBS by Nature!

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