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Originally Posted by Dj Greg G
Word Up! Do they still say word? I aint agreeing with you just for the hellvu it, I've been playing with the isolator from last night till about 12am and then started all over again about 11am this morning with my brother. Everything sounds better. I'm kinda scared to get the GSA program Eq. I might become a hermit.
No shit, I worked all day, gotta get me some dinner, and usually, I'm a bit tired and grumpy by this time.

And for me, the slightly emphasized low mid is DOING IT, BUT, now I am a little more familiar with the sound, every day, you learn it more and more. So, I listen to what I want to, and I also listen to see if it is changing or taking away from the sound, now, too. One thing that alot of gear that isn't at the TOP OF THE GAME does, is slightly kill the VERY VERY top end. You ever use something, and you won't NOT use it cause of whatever you do with it, but you notice it kills the top end air and shimmer? The GSA Iso does NOT do this, and since i have the Rane mixer in system right now, front panel loop switch in/out, allows me direct comparison. My urei is getting mods, wanna hear that combo, 1620/Iso.

anyway, my highs sound as airy with the GSA in as it does with it out, only with it in, bigger soundstage, and I can accentuate the delicate sound of the stick hitting the cymbal, and its got that shimmer, and its not cutting off the VERY top, I hear the air!

MUSIC! I mean when I play Crazy, the SOUL of Gnarls voice is comin thru!

On the Porgy and bess CD, I Got Plenty Of Nothing, the bass drum has this transient kick, without the iso, it,s just not as there. Iso in, it,s got THAT JUMP OUT!

THIS ISO IS CLEAN, and FUCKIN PRETTY TRANSPARENT, and IT DON'T TAKE AWAY, I can listen to music and it doesn't alter things in a way that always tells me ITS IN THE SYSTEM! FUCK, that the music sounds the same, Iso in or out, just bigger with it in, that's a HUGE accomplishment right there!

Mr. Scott Fitlin

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