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So, 3rd day having the GSA Iso-3001, and I love having it.

Listening to music, all genres, tonight, mostly classic rock, and soul, touch of disco, and NO DOWNLOADS THIS EVENING, I find I like it equally as much with CD,s of classic rock, soul, disco, and current R & B music basically, whatever i listen to sounds great.

One thing that inspires me, specifically, and particularly, with the GSA unit, is simply that it works WELL with ALL MUSIC! It IS NOT a unit that is limited to club music, or club use only!

It is now 10:07PM, and I need to go home, and rest, tomorrow another day begins. Of course, I will probably be online for a bit before I hit the hay, but, I say this, 3rd day having the GSA Iso=3001, and it continues to grow on me, and has EARNED MY RESPECT, and IT HAS EARNED IT'S PLACE IN MY CONSOLE!
Mr. Scott Fitlin
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