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Thumbs up Mixing dance music with GSA Iso - 3001 in system,

Tonight, I fired up the computer, and began mixing music, with Serato, like I do during season when I am open.

Up till tonight, I only listened to music, of all kinds, but no mixing/DJing! So, I did tonight, and IT,s GREAT. Blending tracks was seamless, beat of each track tightly together, ONE beat coming out of speakers. You hear your mix easily, no confused, clutter, no struggling to hear mixing. If anything, the Iso brings out the kick, and it is easier to blend, and you hear your mix until your all the way out of mix, Meaning, until the input pot is all the way off, you HEAR your mix to the end. FANTASTIC!

The sound is excellent as I already have stated, IMO, and it feels nice, and positive in use, pots are responsive, boosting or cutting the 3 ranges doesn't require excessive rotation of the pots, at least in my system, and the sound is so well balanced, and the freq ranges of the 3 bands were well chosen.

Mixes were tight, seamless, and flowing, REALLY WELL MANNERED, AND NEAT, AND PRECISE! I like the GSA Iso-3001 more now, than I had yesterday, and the sound is GOOOOOOD!

I may come in tomorrow, I got an itch to use this with a Urei 1620, original, and see how that works, feels and sounds. iTac,s So Easy, with Ann Nesby singing, a DJ Spen tune, sounded GREAT, vocal is full bodied, CLEAR, and in proper pitch, chesty and throaty.

A new tune, On Acid Memorie, bubbling bassline, solid kick, spatial percussion, just sounds smooth, but DRIVING INTENSITY! Another techy house high octane tune, "Experimental Changes" sounds KILLER, and ROCKS HARD!

I use the GSA Iso, as needed, and as i want to, but, I know I won't take it out, IT IS HERE TO STAY!

GSA and MarioG ON POINT!
Mr. Scott Fitlin
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