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there are a few f1 rigs in berlin. tape has one, dice (closed) had one. Berghain has one, and there is a local provider which actualy gets quite a bit of business with the party people for theirs. Ive not been to tape, but dice was horrible (terrible room acoustics, incomplete system design), and berghain is a giant concrete and glass shoebox, so it almost doesnt matter what goes in there. The party people often love it, but their standard was the andrews designed tms3 for years as teh concert providers sold theirs off to the clubs to buy line arrays.

i actually like the f1 mids, and at low volumes the systems can sound quite nice, but comfortably reproducing low lows and high highs is something i enjoy more from other boxes.

The success of f1 actually makes me happy. There are some major snake oil salesmen when it comes to party sound, and f1 is definitely not that. if it inspires more promoters and owners to invest something in sound instead of fancy bars and crap speakers, great! There is no shortage of good speakers for designers and service plays a bigger role when a provider.
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