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Originally Posted by Rotary Dreams
they need much power to move !! and my crown got 2*200w :P and i prefer a jbl cabinet to goes with a jbl driver... that makes it original! )

my drivers are the E-130 not the E-140...

Are you certain they are E 130s and not D 130s?

If they are indeed E 130’s, that is a lead guitar speaker. This is why it is so loud. However, that volume comes at an expense of bass. It offers the least amount of bass out of the whole line of JBL 15-inch drivers.

I now understand why you were so concerned about power. Bear in mind the E 130 is as old as I am… 31 years old!

Manufactures usually add a new model within 10 years eliminating their old versions. The only driver that will be as efficient as the JBL E 130 would be the JBL 2220 and, I believe that is gone as well.

The E 140 was the bass guitar version. The E 130 offered even less bass than the E 140. Not many fancied having a 15-inch driver that did not offer Bass so, the E 140 was more popular.

Although, Beyma made a replacement for the E 140, when JBL discontinued the E 130, no one bothered to resurrect the E 130 for, it wasn’t in high demand like the E 140. One could only imagine how popular the E 140 really was if JBL discontinued the model.

There is a place that sells E 130’s used in the States. Possibly, they will ship them to Greece.

If by chance you stumble upon some D 130’s 8-ohm versions, they will be almost as loud as the E 130’s however, handle less power (75 watts). Bear in mind the D 130 is a 60-year old driver and were more popular than the E 130. So you may find them faster than the E 130s in Europe.

All in all it may be cheaper for you to just use the B&C’s and buy a bigger Crown Amplifier. Or sell the B&C’s, buy the 2226 and raise the gains on your Crown amp higher.

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