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Well unless perhaps they built new Berthas, Shelter had the same stacks. I remember it quite vividly as everyone commented on how they were too big for that smaller upper floor. Also there was a Dash console in there loaded with PDS crossover, 5-way and 3-way. Again, maybe it wasn't Twilo's, but it was the same stuff.

Originally Posted by der geile ami
shelter got the stacks minus subs, 2k lounge tops, monitors, processing, and amps.

circuit got the subs and array ( each 4x jbl array 4894, previously in sound factory bar) hangs

roxy got the side fills (3 way hornloaded box, likely has history from before twilo)

funny to hear some familiar voices and see familiar faces in the video). The guy explaining box transport opened a place in dumbo, but i have no idea what came of it.
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