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why do u

Originally Posted by charles0322
Those Dance 5 cabs, were not the same thing my friend...

What was lost on them and perhaps on some here, was Gary was one of the best people in the business with the best results for these types of systems and stacks. The fit & finish of his stacks are second to none for custom cabinetry, and this is coming from a cabinet maker

It was his last install, and to me if they werent going into the Smithsonian they should have went somewhere where that lineage and history was cherished.

You can be sure if I was there or had anything to do with it, I would have carried those things away and stored them, maybe to never be able to use them.. but if Sting International has 10 stacks, hmmm.. maybe they would have been put to use by someone else with the same vision.

Im done with clubs. its over for me, I retire.. almost all the owners are shady and short sighted in club land and are in it for the wrong reasons..

Before his passing Gary complained to me D36 owed him money, was very unprofessional to him..

This to me is the final disrespect to an installer and artist that we may never see the likes of again.


i pulled out that never wld have been a club if it wasent for me choosing that space, my what wld have been partner never liked the space,i seen the writing on the wall wayyyyy before it opened myslef and the owner looked 3 yrs for a space, my pull out was about a year b4 it opened, i wld never have pulled out of a space in nyc but is was a bad deal. he jumped on it i knew he wld never get paid and ended up doing 2 better spaces then that room, system & liberty theatre from 1904, a shame that happened to him, but i knew how that wld go down with that.

when zanz got demolished most of the real rla stacks got chain sawed.

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