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Re: Re: Re: Well, well!

Originally posted by clubman5
I see, so you like em Fluffy huh?

Fluffy... lol... that rembembers me of a friend of mine that went to a Sex Shop in Amsterdam this year and bought a pair of fluffy handcuffs (pinkish) to offer (or to use with) a girl friend of his...

Imagine what... After arriving in Portugal, when passing the control for a domestic flight (from Lisbon to Porto), he was stopped, and the guards were searching his bag... then they found that, which was responsible for him being stopped (I laughed when noticed that was the reason, and even made fun of the situation - "oh, his fetiches got him in trouble" )... There was a moment when the guard (one that looked like his life was fucked up every minute) was holding the pink fluffly handcuffs with two fingers.... everybody should have seen that... we didn't have our digital camera ready to shot... otherwise it would be the pic of the year
They stopped him because handcuffs are considered to be a dangerous object (to make hostages, hahaha) - this is totally stupid, as they passed normally in amsterdam (where security is better), and the handcuffs even had a swtich to open them without the need of a key... so... nobody can make hostages with those fluffy fetiche handcuffs... LOL!!!

Repplying to your question now... : no, not really... I was just after a fun pic to use as an avatar, 1 year ago I guess
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