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Quite right. I don't want the vestax. :-)

The Furman PQ-3 looks great for studio use. Obviously I can't judge the sound from just seeing it but it looks to crowded for dj use. What I would really like was to have a unit with controls similar to the 3-way crossover(X-3000 or dsx-3000 etc). I like the fact the I have just the 3 knobs, bass, mid and treble. nothing more actually.

Some time ago there was a similar post on eq's and x-overs. Someone suggested to use the x-over that mario sells, the dsx-3000 i think. It made me wonder if that x-over could actually be used as an eq. I guess it would require the unit to have a full range output that was affected by the controls. I'm not shure if that is the case. Anyone?

As for the GSA and Phila sound units. Chances of actually listening to them before choosing a unit, I guess would be slim as I live across the atlantic. I don't think my local dealer would order one so that I could listen to it. :-)

Wouldn't it be great to just have the money to buy a unit, listen to it, and if you don't like it, scrap it and try something else. :-)
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