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Attn: JohnPuga

I built the console myself. It's made from mdf boards and is heavy. Really heavy. I made some simple plans for it using AutoCAD basically just figuring out the size that would make for the easiest build and best fit for my room.

If anyone is interested I will see if I can dig the autocad dwg file out from my harddisk.

Attn: Yaxkin,

The picture of the console was taken before i got the urei from you. And regarding the urei, I actually have a slight problem with it. For some reason if I crank up the volume(not overdriving the mixer) or my console gets a little bump the mixer kind of freaks out on me. Sort of goes into a weird oscillation. If I turn down the faders for the source playing it will disappear again. If you or anyone has a suggestion for a reason to this and perhaps knows what to look for in order to rescue the mixer please let me know. As for messenger, remember that you are 9 hours behind me. I'm usually online most of the (european) day, actually.
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