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From talking to distributors and visiting clubs in the last year (the Peven Everett PA at the Egg club last summer was half full! I thought it would be sold out...), it seems that the US-House (i.e. Blues-based house) scene is about a hundredth of the size of the commercial house and trance scenes...

Considering the latter group rarely use rotary mixers, which tend to be most popular with US-type House jocks, it doesn't take an Einstein to see why the 1620LE is discontinued...

UREi sponsored a couple of club events I attended in the UK last year (part-sponsor, I think, name-on-the-flyer sponsorship). Both nights had great DJs, but were half full...

In the UK - traditionally a big market for moody house jocks (consider that Humphries and Levan both had residencies here), US House has gone back underground in a major manner. Many of the people who used to follow the likes of Humphries and Carpenter have had kids and settled down with mortgages etc...

I do see a younger generation coming through, but - on the whole - the average age at a US-type House gig in London is thirty-ish these days, and the club's rarely full.

If US-House has lost popularity globally, I can see why sales of the 1620 would be slow. Not only that, but many House jocks prefer faders anyway.

BTW - the differences between the original and reissue are (to my knowledge):

Late US-made 1620 had ALPS RK40, whereas the LE has RK27 (nowhere near as nice to be honest)

US 1620 had original output transformer. As I've written before, all the firms that have tried to reissue classic designs (Neve being one) have all had major grief recreating their original transformers. Some of the metals are hard to obtain and the staff who fabricated the original transformers have retired.

Rotary switches: US version has pretty tough switches, whereas the LE uses more modern switches which are nowhere near as tough (rotary switches are an endangered species in general today...)

There are probably some other differences (Hassy?).


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