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Yeah, thats true, but on another plane of thought, I wish someone would design a mixer with todays high quality parts, designed to sound good, not like early American mixers.

When I read " designed to re-create the warm and unique sound of American DJ mixers of the 80,s " then thats how Im going to critique the mixer, based on ORIGINAL Bozaks and Ureis that I have! So, now the mixer has to sound like them, not kind of, sort of, it has sound like the Bozak or Urei. If it does supercede thats a plus, so far, though, I have heard different, not neccesarily better or worse! And definitely not the same.

As Justin stated about transformers, so it is the same for pots, capacitors, resistors, op amps and other electronic components. The materials are different from what was being made then. This doesnt mean good componments arent made today, just that they are different from what they used to make. Trying to remake 1980 can be an experience that makes you want to pull hair out of your head.

AND, was it just the mixers that made the sound? NO! SPEAKERS OF THAT ERA! Thats the predominant factor in what was heard in 1980. The speakers. Of course, the music of the era, and the recording technologies used then also influence what one hears. Play todays music through vintage equipment, no matter what you do, it wont sound like music from 1980 sounds on vintage equipment. Im not saying it wont sound good, or sound bad, but, it will not sound the way the music of that era sounded.

From my point of veiw, I think music was very different, and I know from experience that many things of certain eras were voiced for the music and recordings of the day. So, the 70,s thru 80,s gear were voiced for vinyl! Unfortunately, and I mean this sincerely, voicing for vinyl, ala 1980, does NOT translate todays digital source material quite right!

Theres more to it than just the mixer!
Mr. Scott Fitlin
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