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Originally Posted by Kevin James
Hmm.. I wasn't aware of this. This is a major concern then because I would definately need to use the FX loop in order to connect my Thrive Audio isolator.

So from what your saying if i need to use the isolator my sound will be seiousely degraded, which goes against the whole reason i would be spending extra money to get a Bozak over a Urei. maybee the Urei is the best bet for me then? I'm more confused now then before lol

The later DLA-onwards models aren't so bad, but you still lose high-end if you use the loop.

One option is to drive the Isolator from the Bozak's main output, and your rack from the Isolator.

You could try asking the Isolator OEM if they can fit an output gain knob. Most isolators are capable of driving a higher voltage, but they are set for Unity. It would be pretty easy to adjust the feedback on the isolator and fit a passive pot on the output.

Bear in mind the irony here: The Bozak sounds good because it has such a minimal signal path (as well as good design). Because there's so little in the path, it lacks the drive to really implement an FX loop...

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