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Which dj mixer has the best sound quality?

I'm planning on buying a new mixer and I've got as far as assembling a list of potential acquisitions:

ARS 4100
Formula Sound FF4000
E&S DJR400
A&H V6 (If I can find one)
Urei 1620 (Vintage rather than the LE)
Bozak CMA 10-2DL

There's no chance of being able to audition a selection of these on a single system (Which is the only way of getting a fair comparision), so has anybody been lucky enough to have used 2 or more of them on the same system?
If you have, I'd be grateful for your opinion.

My main concern is sound quality, but as I'm based in the UK and just the shipping cost to send some of these mixers for repair will be high, reliability and build quality are also important (It will need to cope with the demands of travelling to and from venues).

Finally, I only play vinyl.
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