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I have a Bozak 2DLA which I have A/B tested against a A&H V6 back when they just came out. What I can tell you about that test is that while the V6 was slightly less noisy and a tad more detail in the upper mids and highs, it didn't have anywhere near the warmth the Bozak has. Also keep in mind that test was done before I had my Bozak recapped by Mario so I'm really not sure I would have the same opinion of the V6 should I redo this test today.

Unless you absolutely need EQ or filters on your mixer, a vintage Urei or Bozak is probably your best bet. With that said, honestly, if you play mostly modern dance music I really don't think you would hear such a big difference between any of them (EDIT: save for the FS maybe, I don't know that mixer but Mystick seems to think it's not very good). Sure, all will have a different sonic character but going as far as saying one will sound much better than the other is a bit of a stretch and comes down to personal taste, really.

Good luck with your research and hope you end up with a mixer you truly enjoy

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