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mg75 -
Nothing but vinyl. Collecting it, playing it, listening to it. I think I might be allergic to digital music.
There's lots of good press for the DJR400, but less for the DJR100D (The E&S rack mixer). Have you heard this?

Mistick Krewe -
Love the art, man. Was it drawn for you?
The FF4000 is certainly the odd one out, but its reputation for great sound meant it had to go on my list (Even if it is ugly and available with line faders).

matsm -
Thanks for your thoughts on the Bozak versus the V6. Seems to mirror comments I've read elsewhere. Do you think the V6 fails to deliver adequate bass or is it your preference for the warmer Bozak sound? Or both?
Musically, I currently play jazz-funk/fusion, boogie, disco and 80s and 90s house/techno.

wheresmejumper -
Thanks for the info on Isonoe, my Technics are sporting a set of their feet which I'm very happy with. You a Sultans of Ping fan?
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