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2011 Sbs Launches The Slammer Brand And Product Line

The SBS Slammer series , is a high output, hifi Analog sound system custom designed from the ground up for each individual space, with no two Slammers exactly alike. Each Slammer will be coined after the location and territory it is installed.

NYC had 2 recent SBS Slammer sound systems designed hand built and Installed named after the location,

The LIC Slammer @ System Dance club in Long ISl City NY, opened in April of 2011.

Another all new SBS Slammer is currently being built for a Historic Theatre Space in Manhattan, named The NYC Slammer.

Recent comments & Quotes on The LIC Slammer:

DJ Jellybean Benitez Tweets 1 of MANY times,

HEYJELLYBEAN Jellybean Benitez
@SYSTEM_NY - Home of the SBS SLAMMER by Shorty - By Far the best sound system in North America

DJ David Morales 3 Time Grammy Award Winner and world Reknowned Remixer Tweets 1 of MANY times on the Slammer,

DJDavidMorales David Morales
Checked out the SBS SLAMMER @ SYSTEM yesterday. Wicked Analogue system. Shit ROCKS!Paradise Garage

Paradise Garage Dj Joey LLanos on his Facebook Page

Joey Llanos
Just heard Shorty's "SYSYTEM" Tight, articulate, a room to be reckoned with in New York City. Congrats Shorty SBS

Get up on what the Pros & Legends are raving about, The SBS Slammer & Get Slammed!

SystemNy is now open for private demoes to Hear The LIC Slammer, or can be auditioned any night the space is open, contact me to arrange all demoes.Potential clients that want to build a new space, upgrade there sonic experience, add a new sound system to upgrade their space with the Slammer, Please contact SBS here on Facebook, or & or

Stay Tuned for Future SBS Slammers & Info in new Territories Globally coming soon..

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