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My set-up is:
Bozak 10-2DL "Paradise" pictured or "Inferno" (has DLA mods)
2 1200 MK2 with Rega arms (one Origin Live and the other Michell)
1 SL-P 1200 CD player (the first CDJ)
Vestax FDG-1 isolator (just got this)
2 Heathkit 14 watt tube monoblocks
1980 Klipsch LaScala
Kimber Kable and Mogami interconnects and DH Labs T-14 speaker wire
I also have a ClearAudio Micro Basic phono stage, DBX 120, and some solid state amps (Bryston and Crown)

I think it sounds pretty damn ideal. I am getting rid of a lot of stuff because how the LaScalas with the 14 watt tube amps fills up the room with sound.

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