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Originally Posted by Mr ZDUR
My set-up is:
Bozak 10-2DL "Paradise" pictured or "Inferno" (has DLA mods)
2 1200 MK2 with Rega arms (one Origin Live and the other Michell)
1 SL-P 1200 CD player (the first CDJ)
Vestax FDG-1 isolator (just got this)
2 Heathkit 14 watt tube monoblocks
1980 Klipsch LaScala
Kimber Kable and Mogami interconnects and DH Labs T-14 speaker wire
I also have a ClearAudio Micro Basic phono stage, DBX 120, and some solid state amps (Bryston and Crown)

I think it sounds pretty damn ideal. I am getting rid of a lot of stuff because how the LaScalas with the 14 watt tube amps fills up the room with sound.

Would love to hear your rig, that list is really impressive.
Has it come together the way you imagined and are the arm mods really that noticeable ? Which do you think sounds better if there is indeed a difference ?
Sorry about all the questions mate but your set up is one of the most interesting i have seen in a long time.
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