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Originally Posted by marcellus
I believe that YOU think you made credible and valid statements. I never said the GSA Iso was a good or bad unit. The issue with the price of this unit and that of other units was brought up by....YOU! The issue of having one unit instead of six units was brought up by....YOU! Although this was not your sentiments that long ago. So, again I say YOU think you made credible and valid statements!
But, I never said I DON'T like the Thrive, I may have a preference for a tighter feeling pot, but that is an individual preference of mine.

It seems like i am not the only one who noticed a gain drop when using it either, and YET? The Thrive still is a good sounding unit.

Initially, others brought up price as an issue, and I am merely pointing out that now another unit is available that is $900.00 less, thats ALL!

The additonal features for running a CD or TT thru it is also not something i planned to use, so, again, up to the individual to decide whether theywant/need these or not.

And in spite of whatever, I am still going to listen to the GSA, and buy it if I like it.

Again, I can like both units, and like them for different reasons.

BUT I will talk about gear and listen to everything I want to, these posts were never intended to trash any products.

Again, BMW and mercedes both make well designed, and well made automobiles,
Mr. Scott Fitlin
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