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Originally Posted by mieze245
Has anyone used tube preamps in their dj set-up?

Did you insert the preamp in to the send return or from the output of the mixer?

i've inserted a tube distortion pedal in the fx loop --
i wouldn't recommend it for DJing... much better for guitar

if you want a tube preamp/DJ mixer, why not bridge two vintage, class A, mono units?

you can normally find old preamps pretty cheap -- and the earlier/simple ones normally are pretty light on components requiring maint./updating
the biggest problem i run into is that the multi section can capacitors may not be available -- but discrete units can be fit in without too much trouble, normally -
sometimes it is a bit tight to get them to fit under the chassis.... if you want to maintain the cosmetics -- sometimes you can just clip the leads of the old can caps and leave them in place
when you fit the new caps in under the chassis top deck...

I found a pair of Harmon Kardon DPR-7 mixer preamps to do the job for me -at some point -- I still need to get to the project...

but they were very reasonable, as most folks (excluding some "musical" types) are not into mono production/playback gear anymore...

(just don't go off and destroy a collectable/desirable instrument in the process -- please.)

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