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Originally Posted by atf104
I guess my comment on IP based stuff was a bit strong and only meant in certain context. I personally don't care for dsp-in-amp, but absolutely appreciate and love IP based DSP's, and especially new digital audio transports like BLU-LINK (which now allows you to send audio from processor directly to amp in the Harman world). It's all about the right product for the right job.

the way i see it, why have a separate dsp if the amps can link together and be controlled by the same software?

some lab gruppen amps have lake dsps in them.

nexos amps have their dsps in them.

same goes for l'acoustics

is a crown xti in the same league, of course not

i know one local provider that uses dbx 260s and powersoft k series amps, which really baffles me, as the dsp in those amps is likely a few notches higher in quality.

my hope for the future is that more mixers will have ethernet outputs and we reduce our need for noisy copper runs. audio over lan can carry 64 channels in both directions, so all devices could share the same network and an ipad instead of a fullsize tablet can control and monitor everything. even better would be wlan, but we are still a long ways away from reliable high quality transmission.

note: it doesnt have to be an ipad, but that is the default device the big boy live mixer companies are writing their control apps for.
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