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Not taking sides here as I haven't actually listened myself, but...

I have been considering buying a pair of origin live silver arms, and emailed the company asking about the wiring in the arm. The last line of the reply I received has some relevance to this thread.


'I have read reviews on the incognito re-wire for rega RB250 arms and was wondering how these compare to the supplied wiring in the silver arm.

Do you offer a similar continuous wiring option for the silver tonearm ?'

'Internal wires must be very thin to avoid arm friction and are thus a compromise - external cabling is uncompromised and the benefits of optimised design far outweigh the benefits of avoiding a hard wired joint (hard wiring is nothing like as degrading as contact joints or brass connectors etc.
The other problems of using the internal wiring externaly is that the wires should be configured at a set distance apart and screening is very costly. Put another way - the ideal, is to request that the external cable is continued all the way to the headshell (which is not possible of course due to friction problems).
Hopefully this may clarify that in our experience the compromise cable is the internal wiring not the external and as said before the joint is relatively insignificant in comparison to the effect of the type of wire used (even over short lengths).'

End Quote:

Doesn't really prove or disprove anything, just interesting that the guys at origin live believe that short runs of cable can have an effect.
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