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What are people looking for in a mixer? if it's neutral sound, functionality and build quality.. there are a number of mixers out there that are on the same level. Rane 2016S isnt a cheap mixer at any rate. I truly believe money can be better spent than replacing a 2016S.

rescue I understand your point. but..
all animals are intelligent to some degree.
is it okay to eat cows, but you draw the line at dolphins
remember, when it comes to meat, it ain't pretty,
and if you leave a serious social comment in your tag line..
well prepare yourself for some bad jokes.

Originally Posted by rescuedogs
so you think the 2016s is not any better than the new bozak meaning it would be a sideways move to buy that unit?
on a side note if any dolphins were being killed to make either mixer i wouldnt buy any.
even to joke around killing an intelligent animal is not funny.
watch the movie called The Cove maybe the joke wont be a joke anymore
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