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I do!

I do it, but not all that often because I am not the world's most popular DJ. Three weddings this summer though, not bad!

You can't see the full setup here, but it consists of the following components:

The Party Box: (Odyssey 12 RU/4RU case)
• Rane MP2016s with Expander
• Pioneer MEP-7000 multimedia player
• SBS ISO-Q2 (not visible in the shot, on the front panel of the box)
• 1U Rack power

The interesting challenge with this setup is managing the depth of the items on the top 10RU spaces. If they are too deep, they will touch the items in the bottom 4RU spaces and not fit. For example, this is why the isolator is on the front panel and the mixer sits above the expander rather than below it.

I use this setup with a QSC K-Sub and 2 Mackie SRM-450's as my mains, and a QSC K-8 as the monitor.

The real secret here is that it ALL fits in a 2001 VW Jetta with room for another passenger in the front seat!


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