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I still miss the sampler on my Numark 1975

Hi all,

I was wondering if there's a standalone sampler/looper that is as intuitive as the 4-bank sampler on the old Numark 1975? I traded mine in about a dozen years ago when the crossfader crapped out on me, and I still really miss it.

It's a bit hard to explain, so please bear with me: using the four-second sampler across the four banks, I would take a seamless 4 or 8-beat loop and then punch each bank in and out for some interesting effects. So you could do 1&2 three times then 3&4 once to get a nice tension/release thing, but I found that one of my favourite combinations was 1&3 and 2&4.

I hope the above makes sense - basically I'm looking for something similar where you can split a loop across several banks and punch in/out on the fly. I'd prefer a standalone hardware solution, but am open to a software workaround if one exists.

Thanks in advance.
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