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here is an idea

I'm not sure if this would help you out but this is what i do when im in school. For my system in a small room I run my Bozak into mario's 3 way. From the full out i have a Crown D 60 running some small Bose bookshelf speakers. The high runs into an old Marantz reciever wich is hooked up some JBl 2405's. The sub out goes to a 12" powered sub. Not sure if it helps at all but it was a low cost way of incoperating the 3 way. When i'm home and have more room i switch the crown to the highs and run full to a old Hafler DH 500 that goes to a 15 and a JBL 2461 1 inch driver on a horn. I use the same sub for the lows. Soon i'm going to get an old crown VFX crossover on the full to get lows out of it which should help out alot. Again I'm not sure if this is something you would consider doing but it was pretty low cost and sounds good and gives me the control i was looking for. Also on a side note the vestax sounds like crap. I got one the other week for $50 dollars used at Guitar center during some super sale they had so i figured i'd give it a shot. Any way as soon as i put it in my loop i got a hum in my system that i previoulsy didn't have and the sound was degraded. I could only stand it for about an hour. Now its in my closet. I figure i'll hold on to it and see if someone figures out how to mod it or something.

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