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if you all are into watching this kind of documentary...

try to find a copy of: "rise: the story of rave outlaw: disco donnie"

it came out a few years ago -- about one of the big promoters in New Orleans (in the 90,s/early 2000) and the ATF/DEA attempts to shut him down using the crackhouse laws.... I for one am glad the ACLU and Electronic defense fund stepped in and helped him in his efforts to fight the good fight....

gotta say that anything surrounding donnie typically had some drama there too.....

here is a blurb....

His were the first parties that I got to attend as a kid.... early 90s
before that I just hung out in the bars/clubs
they were put on by the "FreeBASS Society" and later Moon Patrol
dormant account,
please see later iterations of me...

dsa_audio or Mistick Krewe or dave

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