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Originally posted by jaysoul
Interesting topic Louped...

I too would be very interested to hear whether bypassing the tone controls would effect the sound. I have just ordered myself an E&S Isolator to go with my 1620LE and to be honest I didn't realise you could bypass the tone controls on the mixer. I never touch them anyway so when my isolator arrives I think I will follow your tip off and turn the tone controls off. As I will have no use for them it can probably only be a good thing for the sound?


I tried to bypass it (really easy to do for a non technical guy) and heard no real difference but I don't have a huge system at home.

Did you take the isolator with additional send and return effect at E&S? I've got it for 1 year now and it's dope, especially if you want to add a pioneer efx500 box and not affect the sound (for that, even on my home system, I can really hear the difference)

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