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Originally posted by jaysoul
Hey Johann,

So you really notice the difference in sound from your Urei when you turn the bypass of the E&S off and run the signal through the EFX 500?


Definitely, it's like mixing on a pionner stuff if you let the efx in the chain for too long. If you level is not too high, on one track it's quite ok but when you mix and you have 2 tracks on, that a different story and the sound is really "pioneer" colored.

You have 2 more rotary buttons, one to control how much of effect you want to put in the chain (if you're at 0, the sound is not impacted at all), and the second button is to select the volume of the return effect).

The only misatke I've made is asking jerome to remove me the main bypass switch because at this time I had a rane mp+xp with a switch on the main console to do that. A friend also told me that with this specific crossover (effect), if you play to hard with the rotary, sometime you hit the switch accidentaly and so it just desengage the isolator.
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