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to start
technics 1210s mk2 with vampire wire rca cabling and cardas tonearm wire fully recalibrated my me myself and i (i will stand toe toe with jay anderson and Kab anyday)

vampire cables from mixer to my speakers.
speakers Hafler TR8 as once used in capitals mastering studio.
my rane 2016A i would say is a 25% increase in sound quality over say pioneer djm XXX

now the test
Sorry poor peoples like me cannot afford the v6 right yet so we got a xone 92.

the short

is i would dare to say the the A&H is 3d in its approach-the sound imaging is incredible they highs sparkle and shiver become alive to my ears studio stereo effects are breath taking. midrange not what i had hoped but clear and elegant very fluid. -yet not clouded.
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