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Originally posted by mieze245
the low end on that machine is awesome
i have no bozak to compare it to but
if they gave it more steroids it would blow some subs (in the hands of a dj who does not understand gain structure) the bass is clean and clear almost to the point of wow i have a tb303 right here.

that goes in is what comes out.

rane almost matches it but does not

in short its imaging not as clear as the a&H imagine looking thru 2 paynes of glass one is 5% blue tint and the other is 8% blue tint that is the best way to describe the differences.but its is a fine mixer needs a bit more bass to it (with expander this can be corrected)

and for the buck i would get a used rane with expander should both units be under $1000

my next test will be

daddyjacks fully hotvod (i called you long ago scott never got around tyo sending it to you.)
SW disco mixer

burr brown IC
riken ohm resistors
black gate non polar caps with fk series polar caps in various places.

vs rane
and a&H

Since I have the SW 421, I am very interested in this test. David was very helpful in getting me some information on this mixer. I want to hotrod mine also.

Your test will be anticipated with anxious eyes.

I am really growing to like the SW as it is. However, there are some improvements I want to make. Pots, chips, resistors and caps are just what the doctor ordered.

I wish you would get on more often. Your insight into the SW 421 would help me alot in my project.

Model 421
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