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LOL I love how guys make

judgement on audio upgrades they never hear and rt it off without hearing it. It would be ok to pas judgement if you heard it then say, i dont hear a diff from 1 to the other, but jus to say this is a joke of a statement it wont make a difference without any experience hearing the 2 setups, modified headshell with this cable, and a stk headshell setup with the wire technics suplied wires is crazy.

?, so if the quality of and the amount of copper is better, and there is more copper in the guage of wire, it wont change the sound???, thats the 1st portion the signal passes thru after the cartridge body. So if this wont make a difference then there def should not difference from cheap signal wire to hi quality Mogami rt, or from 16 guage to 12 guage cable rt?

In the early days the amount of copper and quality of the copper was far superior to copper that is used today, so if you had better quality wire what makes you think that would not have a impact on the signal?

I know what i heard, and i had paul demo it for me blind, i was on the floor of Lotus, he had 2 copies of the same record on his system, phono 1 had a stk headshell stk wire with a Grado Cart, phono 2 had the same Grado cart, same amount of hours on it, but phono 2 had the technics headshell with the pre 40s wire on the headshell, and it was drasticly noticable

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