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Originally Posted by allen
As a mechanical engineer and someone who has studied metals, their composition and manufacturing processes, I can not find your above statement farther from the truth.

Metallurgy and the manufacturing processes that we use today are light years past what were in use 30 years ago, let alone over 60 years ago in the 1940’s. New processes as well as the ability to better control them enable us today to achieve much higher standards of materials, with greater consistency than we ever have in the past.

Today’s applications of copper and copper wire are far more demanding than they were years ago. The manufacturing techniques and quality of copper and copper wire have risen to meet those needs, and will continue to advance to meet new tougher standards and demands.

Here is a link to an article that talks about some of those advancements, and future demands that copper wire will have to fulfill.

The idea that copper quality has gone down over the years is just plain wrong.

Allen, YES, metallurgy, and manufacturing techniques have improved dramatically these days, when it comes to HIGH END speaker cables, interconnects, and AC power cords.

But, standard hardware store and home depot copper wire has more alloys in it today than it did 60 years ago. 5 cents/ft copper wire is not six 9,s copper.

I say, you have to try something and see if you hear a difference, and if you like it or not. BUT, I have found, that even with short lengths of wire, you can hear it! In my system, I have an external ducker unit for the mic, to lower the music when you talk on the mic, it is in the loop of the mixer. Now, I use ordinary West Penn wire with Switchcraft connectors. One day, I bought two pairs of a Swiss made silver interconnects, RCA to RCA, .5 meter length. Two pairs of interconnects, out of all the wire in my system couldnt possibly make an audible difference, right? WRONG! Using the .5 meter silver interconnects, makes a very audible difference!

I have also tried a few high end AC power cords, again, how could 5 feet of AC power cord make an audible difference, considering the miles and miles of utility company wire, grids, and splices, in the streets? But it does!

Mr. Scott Fitlin
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