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Originally Posted by allen
I am not discrediting his finding that he liked the older wire better. Of coarse it could have been better than what was in the other head shell.

What I disagree with is the idea that the 1940ís wire is better than what is available today.

Copper wire is just like anything else, it will be available at all levels of quality, but you donít have to go back to 1940 to find good wire.

We have and can produce better wire that what was available in 1940. Itís a simple fact that we can produce more pure copper than we could in the past.

Chemicals used in manufacturing process are definitely different today than what was used years ago.

Sometimes, a chemical used years ago, produced great results, but cant be used today because of enviromental laws!

Bridges, and train trestles STILL use RED LEAD, even though YOU cant buy leaded paints and primers. I know from first hand experience that leaded paints and primers hold up better in harsh conditions, flow on smoother, and lead paints have better pigmentation and coloration.

Todays low VOC paints just dont hold up well at all! But, as good as lead paints were, they arent safe for humans, yet, they ARE superior in many ways. I use leaded sign enamels for certain applications, where people cant get near it, and it IS better!

TUBES! Todays tubes are good, till you listen to tubes from the 60,s, 50,s and 40,s! The gasses they used many years ago in the tubes are outlawed today. Makes a difference! The machining of the parts in tubes years ago is said to have been more precise!
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