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Originally Posted by der geile ami
my hope for the future is that more mixers will have ethernet outputs and we reduce our need for noisy copper runs. audio over lan can carry 64 channels in both directions, so all devices could share the same network and an ipad instead of a fullsize tablet can control and monitor everything. even better would be wlan, but we are still a long ways away from reliable high quality transmission.

What would you do if your have all your Audio running over a LAN and all of sudden some device begins emitting spurious data errors such as collisions or frame errors, how would you diagnose the terrible delay problems and lost packets?

What if the club is big and requires cable runs longer than 100 meters, you then need to install Fibre Optics to ensure error free transmission. This is going to be cost prohibtive.

We would need to be calling a Cisco CCN out to find out why the audio sounds lke shit.

Even over a Gigabit LAN, with compressd voice codecs there are issues with delay and echo. Full Bandwidth audio is not something i would like to trust over a LAN, especially not Wireless.

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