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Need gear tips

Hi everyone,

First of all thanks for all the knowledge you have all given me within the last year. Reading all the the exciting discussions on hardware made me wan't to experience really great sound myself, so I have slowly started to update my home system bit by bit. First off I got a Bozak cma-10-2dl, had it updated by mario to a DLA with booth output, and boy did that make a difference from the Vestax I used to have. :-)

The gear I currently have is:

3 1200mk2
The Bozak Mixer
1 dbx 120x-ds bass enhancer
SECA SE13 13-band stereo EQ
Pioneer EFX-500

Energy C4 Connaisseur

Sherwood(Can't remember the model)

My question is:
I'm looking to replace the Pioneer and since I mainly use the isolator and the delay effect, I was hoping that some of you could point me in the right direction.

As I only have a set of fullrange speakers I guess I wont be able to use a crossover as my way of eq'ing. Unfortunately my living room wont fit 2 bass horns, midrange and tweeters. :-) Is there any 3-way eq/isolator out there that you could recommend. Preferably one that can be rack mounted.

And then the delay. What would you recommend. I guess some kind of studio delay would give me the best sound. But then again if it's to complicated to program it's not much use when you dj.

Looking forward to you replies.

All the best from denmark.
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