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The only one that springs to mind, besides the Vestax that I'm sure you don't want, is the Furman PQ-3. It has a -40dB cut which I reckon is adequate for most situations. However, I have never tried it in a sound system, only on instruments but it sure is wild. Go to for info on that one.
Gary Stewart ( makes a Q5000 equalizer/isolator but I don't know more about that one than the next guy. I'm sure Scott or Shorty knows more than I do. I stand corrected, but I also believe Philasound makes a similar one (
Of course, there's also the rumoured monster EQ that Scott and Shorty are making at the moment, but it seems like it's going to cost you more than your Bozak...

If you're somewhat handy with a soldering iron you could always try make one yourself...
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