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Musikmesse Report

So thanks to a cool US manufacturer I managed to get an entry pass for Friday at Musikmesse so that I could actually have a look at all the products instead of trying to swim amongst the absurd crowd on Saturday (the only non-trade day).

So let me report to you findings brand by brand.

Nice stand with the EVO5 clearly in display (strange because they have good scratch mixers as well and no DJ was showcasing those) but although the layout is quite ok, I am pretty allergic against all sorts of double use of buttons and pads. I tried fiddling around with the filter section for instance and because I pressed it for too long, I data jumped to another effect. This can prove fatal in a mix, thus I dislike such functions.

Also, it doesn't seem that there is much buttons anyway, so I see it oriented towards Live but not enough. Clearly you cannot satisfy anybody 1t 100% but the EVO5 let me a bit down. Built quality is ok, not great, Ecler used to be better.

Did not do much there, as I am a Scratch Live user since 2004 and not into the MIDI-Video thing that was on display, so I did not check. Besides updates are free and information flow is perfect on their forum, so unless you don't own Scratch Live, a visit to their stand is superflous.

Where placed right in front of Rane and thus here the Musikmesse organisation messed things up a bit, I mean put head to head competition once in front of the other is not very politically correct. Anyways, I went to the stand to see the Vestax VC-100 controller and was dissapointed. Vestax used to do real rugged stuff but the built quality was terrible, wobbly things everywhere and partially really small buttons. I imagined better, even though its only a MIDI controller.

Nothing new here, they where showing off a great deal of video applications and me not being into them I did not pay much attention. I already have 2 CDJ1000 mk3 and could not be any happier.

A perfect example of how NOT to do business. These guys had a crap appearance at Musikmesse 2006 and this year it was not different. Their original idea was and still is great, yet the implementation could not be any worse. Serious.

They showed the Killamix (simple but effective) and two other prototype controllers, of which also the Danny McMillan one. This last one is nearly a joke. Its just 4 faders with 3/4 rotary encoders above each channel to act as EQ/Gain and then a series of buttons on the right. I for one could not see the fuzz behind this. Sorry.

Could not find the stand, strange actually.

Great, bigger stand and some interesting Logic tutorials.

Great experience. Andy Rigby Jones took a great deal of time to talk me through a lot of stuff and I assisted at how well the MIDI Clock of the Xone 3D works. Now with this function, syncing analog and digital sources is a joke. Also very interesting are the Xone 2D (Controller+Soundcard) and Xone 1D (Controller only) that can be linked to a Xone 92 or used standalone.

I love the layout of the Traktor controller but the built is horrible. Such a shame really because it could have had a huge potential for 2 deck Traktor users.

I like the interface a lot (Traktor Scratch) and the upcoming DVD will provide a lot if insight into a very complex program whose features are rarely used to the max. The DVD will come out in a month or so, at least thats what I got told.

That is pretty much it. As you can imagine, I was expecting a bit more from Musikmesse in terms of DJ controllers but that will always remain an issue I guess.
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