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Originally Posted by thermionic
All Bozaks have an FX loop, but it degrades the sound quality massively due to being very high impedance. If you wanted to make it work properly, you'd need to add an additional buffer. It can easily be done, but will be costly.
Note that you'll hear the sound degrading even if you just connect a cable from In-to-Out - the FX loop is the Bozak's big flaw.

Hmm.. I wasn't aware of this. This is a major concern then because I would definately need to use the FX loop in order to connect my Thrive Audio isolator.

So from what your saying if i need to use the isolator my sound will be seiousely degraded, which goes against the whole reason i would be spending extra money to get a Bozak over a Urei. maybee the Urei is the best bet for me then? I'm more confused now then before lol
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