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Kevin - because you need so many output options, I suspect that the most practical way to get what you need will be to use a separate control preamplifier, with at least 3 individual outputs on it. If you want to drive it from the Bozak's Tape Out, you'll want a preamp with either a FET or Direct-Grid Valve / Tube input - this will give you a high-impedance input so as not to load the Bozak's Tape Out unduly.

I need to do more research on this one - it's something that bugs many of my clients. From what I understand at the moment, the problem with HF loss is coming back into the Bozak's amp card: it doesn't have FET inputs, and any additional capacitance causes filtering of top-end.

It will be interesting to see how Buzzy fixes the Tape Loop filtering issue. Isolators weren't as popular then as they are today, so I wonder if he got much call for it? The only ideas I can envisage right now are either to add additional buffers internally, or to use an external preamp with high-Z input.

Note that the DLA-onwards isn't so bad, but I still wouldn't feel comfortable using the loop...

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