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Originally Posted by dancindave
Actually, I've got a 3 way isolator in the works right now slated for release very soon (this August via This will be fully discrete, class A circuitry with quality components. Shorty's will be out soon as well and should be a formidable unit with a some output options available.

Email John Kimura: or Mario: and find out what they have available. Mario likes to use stock phono cards and original clones, whereas John will tend to use my own phono cards which have their own sound unique to the originals. UREI 1620's are always available here in the US since they were built for about 20 years and were very popular, so you should always be able to find one if you really want it.

Also, has them sometimes and also; but beware that these guys will charge you $2500+ for these units since they are selling on other peoples behalf.
why 3 channel and not 4.most dj setups use two cdjs and 2 tts