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Originally Posted by djjonk
I forgot that I talked to Mr. Buzzy and he told me that all the modifications that you want can be done to a Bozak mixer.
thank you,

Really? How do you propose fitting 2 Tape Out outputs? Everything else that Kevin requests is doable. You can fit 2 Tape Outs, but where is the room for the extra buffers that will be needed? If you just split the single Tape Out, the output impedance will be so high it'll cause filtering.

Did you remember to ask Buzzy how to fit 2 Tape Outs?

Please give me specifics. Either that, or show me a mixer with 2 separate Tape Outs.

Bear in mind that the Tape Out is tapped prior to the Master amps, so you have minimal circuitry driving it.

I'm calling you out on this one, John. Firstly, you cannot split the Tape Out to 2 separate outs without compromising quality massively due to doubling output impedance, which is very high anyway (it says this in the manual). Secondly, you only have one slot for extra cards (a main output card, not Tape Out).

????? Pray tell, John.

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