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I will forward what you wrote here to him.

Thanks, John. I look forward to Buzzy’s comments.

As I said before, it can be done. The problem is doing it neatly, i.e. you only have one expansion slot. If you don’t put it into the expansion slot (i.e. you keep the slot for its intended purpose, a booth out), where would you put the extra Tape Out buffer?

Secondly, how would you power and route the TO buffer? You’d have to tap the power from somewhere and run a cable. You’d then have to make up a loom to route signal.

Thirdly (least worrying), you’d have to find a spot on the panel for the extra outputs.

It can be done, but it’s not an easy job IMHO – let’s see what Buzzy says.

I reiterate: on page 3 of the manual, it says in relation to the TO: “It is for high-impedance use” – I believe the figure of 10K is optimistic for one output, let alone if you were to bridge it to 2 machines. If your Tape machine has JFET buffers, maybe, but how many recorders, digital or analogue, have high-Z inputs these days? An old tube / valve reel machine will give you a high-Z input – easy – get 2 1960’s Ampex machines!

I’d also like to hear any comments Buzzy might have regarding the Tape Loop’s sensitivity to cable capacitance. On my monitoring, I can hear HF rolloff if I just connect a cable from IN to OUT. True, not everyone I’ve spoken to hears this…but it’s there and can be heard / measured.

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